About Us

Hawksworth Engineering

We are a UK Manufacturer of high quality plastic injection moulded components based in the industrial heartland of Yorkshire. Designing, manufacturing and supplying exciting and innovative plastic and rubber products to a wide variety of industries. All our products are manufactured in house and where ever possible from sustainable materials with a minimum of wastage. When quality and service matters you can rely on us to provide you with both.

Additional services we offer

General 3 axis CNC Machining, prototypes or part production

Using our 2019 HURCO VMX30i 3 axis Milling Centre with Renshaw part probing and through spindle coolant


Trade Moulding if you already have your own plastic injection mould - Our production equipment:

2019 BOY 35E Plastic injection moulding machine with automatic loading, automatic regrind and colour dosing
2020 BOY 60E Plastic injection moulding machine with automatic loading, colour dosing, air ejection and hot runner controller
2019 BOY 90E Plastic injection moulding machine with automatic loading,  automatic regrind, colour dosing and hot runner controller


Hot runner controllers

Automatic colour dosing
Mould heating/cooling
Automatic loaders
Automatic spru seperators
Re grinding plant
Regrind proportioning valves
Desiccant material drying

Other Services

Part packaging
Part assembly

Part design, mould design and manufacture, part development and production

Full CAD/CAM facilities

We stock and supply a wide range of engineering and commodity plastics both standard and reinforced.