Our Sustainability Policy

All of our products are fully recyclable and we do not create any single use plastics, likewise we do not manufacture any thermo-set plastics which are chemically bonded preventing re-use.

Production Process

Any waste plastic created during the manufacturing process of our products is immediately re-ground into pellets and then automatically re-introduced into the production cycle, all our processes are waste free. 100% of the raw materials are used to create 100% of the product.

Investment in energy-saving technologies

Wherever possible in the production process we use energy-saving technologies, quite often a large part of the production process for plastic is a cooling or holding phase, conventional plastic moulding machines keep spinning their hydraulic pump during this phases which can quite often be 90% of the processing time. Our servo operated plastic injection moulding machines sleep during this time and then re-engage as required consuming considerably less power.

Our premises

We only use highly efficient Energy Savings LED lighting technology throughout.

Recycling of unused or excess products

Since everything we produce is fully recyclable we actively encourage you to return any unused products for recycling. As long as the product is clean and free of contaminates it can be fully recycled. This applies to all the products we manufacture including the TPV rubber products.

Simply return any clean unused Hawkeng product to us and we will regrind it and reprocess it into a new product:

Please address returned product for recycling as follows:


Hawkeng Limited

Unit 2

221 Sunbridge Road


West Yorkshire